New Ebola Outbreak NW DRC Declared 6-1-20

New Ebola Outbreak NW DRC Declared 6-1-20

Executive Summary:

On 6/1/20, the WHO announced a new outbreak of Ebola in the Northwestern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), the same area that had a short outbreak in May 2018.  WHO Responders & partners are already there and have done sampling & testing; more responders and supplies are on their way, including vaccine.  In this new outbreak, there are 9 cases, 5 of which have been fatal, and one healthcare workers infected.  This outbreak is worrisome because of its proximity to a river used often for transport to other areas, including the country’s capital Kinshasa and neighboring countries.

The outbreak that has been occurring in the Eastern part of the DRC since August 1, 2018, is in a final countdown (hopefully).  If there are no more cases in that area, as of June 25, that outbreak (#10) will be considered over.

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