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How One EMS Agency in Nevada is Collecting, Analyzing Data

Clark County Fire Department leaders wanted to go beyond measuring response times and look more closely at patient care performance. But using their current software, reviewing performance was labor intensive and time consuming – they could look back at individual charts, or create spreadsheets about a particular indicator, but they couldn’t look at multiple aspects of all calls systematically. Clark County decided to use FirstPass, the tool that continually mines data in CADs and ePCRs, alerting managers to deviations...

EMS Compass Measures Demonstrate EMS Value in the Healthcare Industry

The May JEMS EMS Compass Data Supplement features former FirstWatch Medical Director Dr. Alex Garza, MD, MPH, member of the EMS Compass Steering Committee, as he shares why today, with consumers demanding better care, it only makes sense that quality measures be used to improve patient care and demonstrate value to the community.Read the Article.

Advanced MIH-CP Tools Distill Data into Wisdom

FirstWatch President Todd Stout was interviewed by JEMS Magazine for their November supplement, Technology Innovations Driving MIH-CP. In his interview Todd discusses how real-time healthcare data systems can advance the MIH-CP practice. Read the Interview.

Drowning in Data, Thirsting for Knowledge

The benefits of real-time & near-real-time feedback As featured in the JEMS Data Supplement, FirstWatch Founder & President Todd Stout and John Tobin, alarm room captain for the Mesa Fire Department and lead educator with the University of Arizona's EPIC project, discuss how taking advantage of real-time feedback from today's modern monitor/defibrillators can improve provider and overall system performance. Read the Article.

How Technology Keeps New Orleans Alert In Real Time

Download PDF (JEMS, May MCI Issue, 2013) To monitor health-related threats, New Orleans turned to the FirstWatch Realtime Situational Awareness System, which is used by systems throughout the world. The sophisticated system tracks information entered into computer-aided dispatch (CAD) systems in real-time, and immediately sends an alert via email or text message to designated public health and safety officials if it detects certain symptoms or trends of concern.  

High Anxiety: National Security Events Take Collaboration, Planning

The Democratic and Republican National Conventions are two of the United States’ most important and highest stakes gatherings. As thousands of elected officials, delegates, and media representatives descended on the respective host cities, public health and safety officials from the local, state, and federal levels worked with FirstWatch to prepare for threats—manmade or natural—that could disrupt the events.

Las Vegas Dispatchers Help Improve SCA Survival Rates

Download PDF (Best Practices in Emergency Services, June 2012)David Slattery, M.D., the Las Vegas Fire & Rescue deputy chief and EMS medical director, has a mission to improve sudden cardiac arrest survival in his city with the assistance of FirstWatch.

Top 10 EMS Innovators for 2011

Download PDF (Journal of Emergency Medical Services, April 2012)FirstWatch’s fearless leader, Todd Stout, was recognized as one of the Top 10 EMS Innovators for 2011 by JEMS magazine.

EMS Royal Flush

Download PDF (Journal of Emergency Medical Services, JEMS, February 2012)Against all odds, Jersey City Medical Center EMS reinvented itself and achieved five major national EMS recognitions. Their epic efforts set a new standard for overcoming adversity, EMS system redesign, clinical excellence and employee acceptance–and implementing electronic processes like FirstWatch was part of the solution.

Crunching the Numbers

Download PDF (Best Practices Magazine, April 2010) In Sedgwick County, KS, data collection leads to increased efficiency and better patient care.