FirstWatch Steps Up to Help Fire Departments with Real-time Fire Intelligence

FirstWatch Steps Up to Help Fire Departments with Real-time Fire Intelligence

In the last week we have received many urgent requests for FirstWatch information & potential assistance from Fire Departments across the US.

These departments have reached out because they were subscribers to a SaaS fire department dashboard system called VineLight, which shut down their subscriber site with a few hours’ notice.

While VineLight was not a real-time system like FirstWatch, these departments counted on the information it provided, and the sudden loss of that information could have negative impacts for the departments and the citizens they serve.

At FirstWatch we pride ourselves on “doing the right things, for the right reasons” – we’re available to explore ways to help those Fire departments who have been unexpectedly cut off from their own data. Our teams will work diligently to respond to urgent requests driven by the inability to access data within VineLight, as well as by looming audits and other critical drivers.

So far we’ve already been able to help North Shore Fire Department, near Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They are in the middle of a CPSE Accreditation process, and needed to get back up and running as soon as possible, and so have already joined the FirstWatch family.

Over the past 12 years we’ve considered ourselves to be the “data first responders” Fire, EMS, Law and 9-1-1 – please know that we are here to respond and help your agency stay on top of your data!

For more information on how we might be able to help during this time, please contact Marc Baker at or via phone at 760-943-9123 ext. 208

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