Webinar Recording: PSO's and EMS – Center for Patient Safety

Webinar Recording: PSO's and EMS – Center for Patient Safety

Patient Safety Organizations are becoming an integral part of the safety of our our patients and caregivers. For the benefit of your agency and it’s people, we highly recommend you learn more about the benefits of joining a Patient Safety Organization (PSO). Being part of a PSO can reduce legal exposure to issues found during your QI process and lead to better, safer, patient care. We are currently aware of two great options: the Center for Patient Safety and Emergency Medical Error Reduction Group (EMERG).

As we recognize that every agency operates differently and has different needs, we recently offered two different webinar opportunities to learn more about what these PSO organizations have to offer.

Our first webinar on Wednesday, July 22nd featured the Center for Patient Safety. As a federally listed Patient Safety Organization (PSO), CPS is a private not for profit organization that works with EMS. There are many benefits to participating with a PSO, including federal protection and confidentiality privileges as well as shared learning about adverse events, near misses and unsafe conditions. The Center provides PSO Alerts and Safety Watches as well as offers best practices on up-to-date lessons learned in healthcare. In addition, it supports the creation and maintenance of a safety culture and offers services to measure and improve healthcare culture, such as a safety culture survey, Just Culture training, CUSP eduction, and more.

In this webinar we heard from CPS members John Russell, MD, President of Cape County, MO, Jay Reich, MD of Kansas City, MO and Leo Hsu, MD and John Romeo of St. Charles County, MO, as well as CPS EMS Project Manager Lee Varner.

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