AIMHI Webinar – High-Performance High-Value Operational Outcome Measures

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AIMHI Webinar – High-Performance High-Value Operational Outcome Measures

The need to optimize EMS operations has never been greater! Our profession is entering into one of the most challenging economic, clinical and human resources times in a generation.

Maximizing operational effectiveness leads to economic efficiency, but must be balanced with employee satisfaction. Ken and Jimmy have mastered the art of using data and metrics to identify opportunities for operational enhancements and implementing them with a focus on the impact to employees. They have also been literally on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, giving them a unique perspective on the impact it will have on our profession for years to come. Attendees will learn the ways MedStar and Medic Ambulance develop, monitor, and improve their 5 most important ambulance service operational metrics.


Ken Simpson
Chief Operations Officer
Medstar Mobile Healthcare
Fort Worth, Texas

James “Jimmy” Pierson
President, Chief Operating Officer
Medic Ambulance
Vallejo, CA

Webinar Date: August 10, 2020 | Recording Available

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