FirstWatch News

Webinar Thursday: Northwest Fire District, AZ

Join us Thursday, July 23rd at 1 pm PT learn how Northwest Fire District in Arizona has used our FirstWatch tools to improve their agency's performance and operations. Northwest Fire Communications Coordinator, Jim Long will share their FirstWatch story including why they chose FirstWatch, how they used our tools to get re-accredited, the ways in which they are using FirstWatch to monitor compliance to NFPA1221 and 1710 and much more.  

Webinars this week: Patient Safety Organizations and EMS

Patient Safety Organizations are becoming an integral part of the safety of our our patients and caregivers. For the benefit of your agency and it's people, we highly recommend you learn more about the benefits of joining a Patient Safety Organization(PSO). Being part of a PSO can reduce legal exposure to issues found during your QI process and lead to better, safer, patient care. We are currently aware of two great options: the Center for Patient Safety and Emergency Medical...

Webinar Features EMS Compass Call for Measures

We wanted to make you aware of an important national initiative, EMS Compass, one of the largest ever conducted by national Office of EMS, bringing together more than 50 experts in EMS and the science of performance management. In fact, two of them include former FirstWatch Medical Director Alex Garza, MD, Medical Director, and Debbie Gilligan, Product Strategist. Dr. Garza is a featured speaker in a webinar on the initiative, to be held Wed. May 13 at 2:00 pm EST. You...

FirstWatch Steps Up to Help Fire Departments with Real-time Fire Intelligence

In the last week we have received many urgent requests for FirstWatch information & potential assistance from Fire Departments across the US. These departments have reached out because they were subscribers to a SaaS fire department dashboard system called VineLight, which shut down their subscriber site with a few hours’ notice. While VineLight was not a real-time system like FirstWatch, these departments counted on the information it provided, and the sudden loss of that information could have negative impacts for the departments...

Webinar – Make the Most of Your TriTech CAD Data with FirstWatch

TriTech and FirstWatch have been business partners for more than a decade since their first interface integration in 2001. With over 50 shared customers across the U.S. & Canada, we brought together common customers to share with you how to get the most from your TriTech CAD data and how it can be integrated with FirstWatch to create powerful, actionable information... in near real-time at your fingertips. Hear best practices from three FirstWatch/TriTech users on how to best optimize the information...

Debbie Gilligan to Chair Technology Developers Group for NASEMSO National EMS Performance Measures Project

We're so very proud to have our Product Strategist, Debbie Gilligan, as the chair of the Technology Developers Group for the National Association of State EMS Officials new national EMS performance measures project. Debbie will be helping to ensure that the benchmarks established can actually be measured using the electronic patient records systems currently available. Read the Article

FirstWatch Mobile App 2014 EMS World Innovation Award Winner

Did you know that the FirstWatch mobile App for iOS and Android was chosen as one of EMS World's top twenty Innovations of 2014? Out of a very competitive field of over 90 entries this year, our App was chosen to be recognized! Our mobile app is the first of its kind that allows EMS teams to monitor, analyze and display user-defined criteria from CAD, ePCR, ProQA, RMS or even Hospital ED data systems.

International Webinar Discussion on Ebola

The second webinar held on Thursday October 16th included special guests Dr. Jeff Clawson and Dr. Conrad Fivaz of IAED, who explained the newly updated ProQA Emerging Infectious Disease tool, Lloyd Rupp Jr., EMS Chief Omaha Fire Department, and Dr. John Lowe, Director for Public Health Training and Exercise Programs for the the Center of Bio Preparedness Education at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) who discussed their experience in the transportation of two Ebola patients. The Paramedic Chiefs of...

International Webinar Discussion on Ebola

This weeks webinar features special guest Chief Normal Seals, EMS Chief at the Dallas Fire Department who spoke to his agency's experience with Ebola and fielded questions. With growing attention on the Ebola virus, the Paramedic Chiefs of Canada have began a weekly international webinar discussion open to interested participants led by representatives from our FirstWatch team. These webinars are presented in association with the International Association of EMS Chiefs (IAEMSC), the National EMS Management Association (NEMSMA), and the International Academies...

Richmond (Virginia) Ambulance Authority and FirstWatch Celebrate 12 Years Together

Download the PDF The industry leader in public safety data, FirstWatch® is pleased to announce the 12th anniversary of the company’s founding by Todd Stout, winner of the 2014 Pinnacle EMS Leadership Award and nationally recognized expert in public safety data. Celebrating this milestone with FirstWatch is the Richmond Ambulance Authority (RAA). Twelve years ago this month RAA became the first EMS agency in the world to implement the commercial version of the FirstWatch biosurevillance system. Coming on the heels of...

Mountain-Valley EMS Agency Deploys FirstWatch

Mountain-Valley EMS Agency Deploys Real-Time Situational Awareness Monitoring System Download the PDF Mountain-Valley Emergency Medical Services Agency (MVEMSA) is working towards deploying FirstWatch to monitor real-time dispatch data for the five county areas they serve: Alpine, Amador, Calaveras, Mariposa and Stanislaus. MVEMSA Executive Director Richard Murdock says, “The ability to see a complete picture of our system in real-time was the driving force in deploying our FirstWatch system. We are excited to use the FirstWatch system for compliance monitoring, early detection of possible...

MD-SIG Members Nominated to Participate on NAEMSP Board

We are pleased to announce that two of our Medical Director Special Interest Group members have recently been nominated to participate on the National Association of Emergency Medical Services Physicans’s Board of Directors for the 2015 – 2017 term. Please join us in congratulating, Dr. Alex Garza, former FirstWatch Medical Director and Dr. David Slattery, Las Vegas Fire Rescue Medical Director! You can find details on the full list of nominees and voting information in the September Issue of the...

SNOPAC 911 Communications Center on Watch

To ensure that police, fire and emergency medical services in Snohomish County have their fingers on the pulse of the community, the SNOPAC 9-1-1 has deployed FirstWatch to monitor in real-time the roughly 1,500 calls they dispatch each day (more than 600,000 calls in 2013).

Debbie Gilligan Moves into New Product Strategist Role

As our new resident product strategist, Debbie Gilligan’s responsibilities include building long-term one-on-one relationships, identifying customer pain points, and serving as the product development “compass” for FirstWatch when it comes to effectively communicating the changing needs of our customers. For Debbie, it is the collaborative relationships with her customers and her grasp of the marketplace and user needs that drive her success. “It is my job to make sure we join forces with our customers to identify areas of growth...

FirstWatch to Monitor Crowds at Mardi Gras and Super Bowl

With huge crowds expected to descend on New Orleans for Mardi Gras and Super Bowl XLVII this winter, public safety and public health officials are deploying FirstWatch to make sure they have up-to-the minute information on potential safety threats. Read the release.

Minneapolis Rolls Out FirstWatch at APCO 

To ensure that police and emergency medical services in Minneapolis and Hennepin County arrive on scene as quickly as possible, the Minneapolis Emergency Communication Center and the Hennepin EMS Emergency Communication Center have deployed a new system that monitors every 911 call in real-time. Read the release.

FirstWatch Receives DHS SAFETY Act “Designation”

FirstWatch is now listed as “Designated” Homeland Security Technology on the DHS Safety Act website. FirstWatch was granted “Designation” status pursuant to the Support Anti-terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies Act of 2002 (“SAFETY Act”) and Regulations to Support Anti-terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies.