COVID-19 Transmission FAQs Answered by Experts

COVID-19 Transmission FAQs Answered by Experts

With COVID levels at record highs it’s time to double down on protecting yourself, those you are responsible for and/or care about, from getting it. This paper answers vital questions with solid science. Scientists & engineers in this field have collected the evidence together to answer the questions many are asking – silently or out loud – and provide the proof for all to read. It is written for the general public & as a living document. One that’s updated as more FAQs (aka Frequently Asked Questions) are included, scientific evidence is added or changed, or more experts join in the venture. The document has a version # and date which change as the document does. The one included here is Version 1.78; 1-Oct-2020.

It’s a must read for anyone interested in avoiding COVID. It’s not like reading a science text book; more like a paperback that could be named, “COVID FAQs Made Incredibly Easy & Pretty Entertaining”. Relatively long, it’s set up so you don’t have to read it all, in order, or within a time frame. You can read it from start to finish or pick and choose what questions & answers you read, and how deep into the subject you go. You can read just the supplied answer to the question, look at the pictures, diagrams or charts, check out the captions, and/or you can click on a link, and read the original article. It cuts through the controversy; it cuts to the chase.

Here’s an outline of what you’ll find:

Top of Page 1:
Shortcut to the document and it’s version/date
Shortcut to the recommendations, skipping the science/history
Shortcut to Google Translate for other languages

Links to Questions about the FAQs including the goals; the writers’ credentials; how to report mistakes; ask for clarification, etc.; how easy it is to share the article/information

Rest of Page 1:
An Index with Links to Topics & the FAQs under each topic.

Page 3:
There are 9 major topics.

Should you decide to print out the entire document, page 4 begins going from FAQs 0.1 through 9.13.

Link to Complete Document on Google Docs

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