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Public Safety-oriented information and resources on the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19.

FDA & CDC Recommend Pause in Johnson & Johnson (J&J) Vaccinations

THE FDA & CDC have recommended a pause in administering J&J (Janssen) COVID vaccinations after the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) had reports of six (6) women, between the ages of 18 and 48, developing a rare type of blood clot between 6 & 13 days after receiving the J&J vaccine.  This article contains an overview of the HAN Alert Recommendation and why it is so important, some information about this rare clot, adenovirus- vector COVID vaccines, a chart...

Situational Awareness for All Public Safety Responders

Police, Fire, EMS, and Corrections personnel (my apologies if I missed anyone) are all taught and practice situational awareness.  This practice is what allows so many First Responders to go home safe after shift.  In the usual application of situational awareness (Is the scene safe?  Am I?), most threats to that safety can be seen or heard. That changes when the threat (amongst all the others that remain) is literally microscopic.  And, the signs and symptoms of illness, a) look like...

COVID-19 Guidance Resources for Law Enforcement Personnel

There is a lot of available information for Health Care Workers and EMS, but not very much for Law Enforcement who have several roles as part of their work that puts them at increased risk for being infected by COVID-19.  This document raises the awareness of that risk and offers a clearinghouse of resources specifically for Law Enforcement, First Responders/Public Safety.