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CDC Health Alert Network (HAN) Advisory on 5/14/20: Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C) Associated with COVID-19

A new syndrome, now named MIS-C, has been identified in multiple countries in the past few weeks which seems to be associated with COVID-19 infection, even if COVID was asymptomatic or unrecognized. It manifests itself as a Kawasaki-like illness and/or as Toxic Shock-Like Syndrome. It needs to be recognized as early as possible, so that monitoring, treatment, and testing can be started early in its course for the best outcomes. That makes it essential for Pre-hospital & Hospital Providers...

More Than a Pile of Data with Todd Stout

Podcast with IAED - Annals of Emergency Dispatch & Response, hosted by Becca Barrus. Todd Stout, president and founder of FirstWatch, discusses the role of FirstWatch in COVID-19 surveillance, lessons learned from the Ebola virus outbreak, and the importance of emergency dispatchers increasing their resilience.

Situational Awareness for All Public Safety Responders

Police, Fire, EMS, and Corrections personnel (my apologies if I missed anyone) are all taught and practice situational awareness.  This practice is what allows so many First Responders to go home safe after shift.  In the usual application of situational awareness (Is the scene safe?  Am I?), most threats to that safety can be seen or heard. That changes when the threat (amongst all the others that remain) is literally microscopic.  And, the signs and symptoms of illness, a) look...

EMS Today Show Interview with Todd Stout on COVID-19

JEMS Editor Emeritus AJ Heightman interviewed FirstWatch president Todd Stout on COVID-19. Todd shares some history of FirstWatch helping with health surveillance and emerging infectious diseases, ways that FirstWatch customers are using data during this pandemic, the importance of resilience, and our commitment to helping provide helpful and actionable information for all first responders via our health intelligence pages, webinars, and articles.

Introduction to the Staying Informed, Staying Healthy, & Staying in Charge Article Series

Any time there is a novel virus, regardless of what it is or where it came from, there is a learning curve for virologists, infectious disease doctors, epidemiologists, other health care workers, first responders and the public.  This is even more pronounced when it is a global event, since different countries note and report different data points and have different thresholds for including these elements in a report.  Those countries with their own robust health systems, especially with epidemiologically-based...

New COVID-19 Resource Page on EMS.gov

A new COVID-19 resource page on EMS.gov provides easy to find links to the most relevant and up-to-date information from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), NHTSA Office of EMS and other Federal agencies involved in the response to the pandemic. This includes guidance for treating potential COVID-19 patients, information on PPE use and supplies and processes for handling healthcare providers who have been exposed to coronavirus.

Ryan White Act Expanded to Include COVID-19 Reporting

Executive Summary: For those Public Safety Agencies reporting an employee’s possible exposure, and expecting notification of a positive COVID-19 disease result from the hospital or public health officer, the expanded Ryan White Act of 2009 update has been published by NIOSH/CDC and will address this issue.  Furthermore, emergency response employees covered by the Act have been defined.  Full Report: The CDC/NIOSH has updated the Infectious Diseases and Circumstances Relevant to Notification of Emergency Response Employees: Implementation of Sec.2695 of the Ryan...

4th Webinar in a Series: COVID-19 EMS Patient Management: Myth vs. Reality | Recording and Handout

This joint webinar of PCC, AIMHI, IAED, NAEMT, CAA, and FirstWatch was the 4th in a series. We were proud to see that over 1,300 people registered for it. With Matt Zavadsky from MedStar moderating, our presenters for Solano County, California were Dr. Bela Matyas from Solano County Public Health, Ted Selby from Solano County EMS, and Jimmy Pierson from Medic Ambulance. They provided incredibly useful and practical information from their ongoing experience providing care for COVID-19 patients quarantined at Travis Air Base. One example of insight shared is how they balanced the needs of the community for EMS coverage with...

COVID-19 Process/Policy Template

The intention of the COVID-19 Process/Policy Template is to provide agencies, medical directors, or others who want to utilize it, an outline/template on which to build an agency-specific policy/protocol to address COVID-19. This includes suggestions for development and/or oversight committees, outside partners and stakeholders, as well as preparation and process for EMS workers who provide best practice care for patients as well as providing for the protection of pre-hospital providers and medical director(s). Its application is totally up to the user. This...

For Week #8 Flu & ILI Decreased for 2nd Week but Pediatric Deaths at Record Rate

Executive Summary:  Although the flu season is hopefully going to continue to decline over the next month, it is still something to watch closely.  Flu activity decreased with hospitalizations for children & young adults higher than other recent flu seasons.  Pediatric deaths total 125 for the season, with 20 of those deaths reported this week. This season is considered severe. Also, with COVID-19 now in different states and communities within the U.S., some with community spread, everyone must realize that...

COVID-19 Revised CDC Definition Feb 27, 2020

Executive Summary: A revised Criteria to Guide Evaluation of PUI for COVID-19 and Footnotes have been developed by the CDC to better define what currently makes a person fall into ‘A Person Under Investigation Status’ (aka Case Definition).  It consists of an Introduction, the Criteria Chart, List of Affected Geographic Areas of Widespread or Sustained Community Spread, and Footnotes to clarify specific application.   Download the Full Update

COVID-19 Update 2/25/20

Executive Summary: The COVID-19 outbreak is rapidly evolving into a global event which potentially puts people all over the world at risk for being infected by it.  Although it not as lethal as SARS-CoV or MER-CoV, it does, in some countries, seem to have very efficient sustained person to person transmission, which requires careful monitoring and updated recommendations and guidance to hopefully prevent a pandemic.  Today’s report includes a Situation Update from both the CDC and PHAC, as well...

For Week #7 Flu & ILI Decreased Slightly with a Record Setting Number of Total Pediatric Deaths

Executive Summary:  Although eyes are still focused on COVID-19, Flu activity remains a far greater threat to North America at this time.  Flu activity decreased with hospitalizations for children & young adults higher than other recent flu seasons.  Pediatric deaths total 105 for the season, with 13 of those deaths reported this week. Adult deaths are below the epidemic threshold.  This season is considered a severe.   Download the Full Update